#The Hill TV

The Hill TV

The challenge

Salt City Market was a new organization founded and created by the Allyn Foundation. The Allyn Foundation funded an organization called SYRUP in Syracuse New York who was tasked with helping revitalize communities by bringing opportunities. One of the first a was “The Salt City Market”, a Food Hall in Downtown Syracuse that would host
different vendors from communities all around the
Syracuse area.

They were looking for a short term and a longer term media strategy to get vendors to apply to be apart of the
audition process as a short term goal and build awareness/ a community of people invested in the early activities of
the Salt City Market.

The challenge

We wanted to build a trusted brand that would resonate with a mixture of cultures, ethnicities, socioeconomic
statuses, and ages. We started off working on the brand, building based off of the logo; a color scheme, a persona,
and a position statement.

We built a foundation for their brand to exist. For people to easily begin to gain information and trust through a
website design and development.

We created content that would showcase the personality of the Salt City Market, feeling comfortable and adventurous, energetic and light hearted all at the same time. We positioned Salt City Market as being an Explorer as
it’s Brand Archetype: finding fulfillment through discovery and pushing the boundaries