Educational Programming

Life Through My Own Lens

With so many talented and creative young people available within the Syracuse region, Black Cub’s Life Through My Own Lens initiative creates an opportunity and access to the expertise within the film and production industry, resources to create and innovate the narratives of their lived experiences, and the skill sets to begin a career path for themselves.

Program Details & Objectives

This LTMOL program is intended to enable fifteen young people (grades 7-12) to gain experience in the video/film production field for 12 weeks — culminating with a final presentation of a short film, written, produced, and directed by each student. Although the focus of the program is film production, there are so many other traditional academic components in this program that students will have exposure to. All youth in the LTMOL program will work to develop skills in large- and small-group communication, language arts, mathematics, literacy, and organization.

This holistic approach will help students understand that the film industry is much more than what you see — and that creation happens in countless ways.

  1. Students will gain foundational knowledge of terms associated with the film industry and production.
  2. Students will use acquired skills and knowledge to develop a story of their own creation.
  3. By studying various modes of media the students will analyze the motives and causes surrounding how Black and Brown people are depicted in the media.
  4. Compiling the information learned and understood, students will create and present a short film for peer and audience evaluation.

Student Projects