Who We Are ?

Black Cub Productions, LLC, (BCP) is the spawn of black revolution in America. It is derived from the Black Panther Party’s ideologies. The core value of this Party was to create an environment of community, trust, and to educate one another so that we may live without fear. BCP was grown from that foundation. Growing up African American, for Eric and Mylz, was a shared experience of misrepresentation in the greater California area. Misrepresentation in the form of lack of black history education in the school districts, diminishing black culture through repression of authentic expression, typecasting blacks as criminals and thugs for cultural expressions and many more facets of oppression. These experiences foster the idea that media for misrepresented cultures such as that of African Americans need to find ways to be confronted.

  • Our Mission

    At BCP we push the boundaries of comfortability to create open dialogue for community and culture. We want to be a part of the trend to sensitize media and content across social media platform. The creation of that content by building off stories that matter, connecting the ethos surrounding the content, and captivating the audience with astounding images.

    Media is the best form of that, not through confrontational expression but rather through the connectivity of shared human emotions.


    Our vision is to have a creative agency that is setting the standard for digital transmedia content and creating cross cultural dynamic stories that bring people together from all walks of life.

    Black Cub was created by two young African American men who wanted to give a platform for underrepresented cultures, starting with their own. They banned together using the skills that they acquired in higher education

    of photography, videography, design and storytelling at Syracuse University. Here they began to learn trades of working in the media industry, starting with local companies and growing to larger industries in the Greater NY Area.


Our Team.

Eric Derachio jackson Jr
Mylz Blake
Ngozi Inyama