Who are we?

Black Cub Productions is an independent, full-service communications agency committed to telling meaningful and motivating stories through bold and transformational creative work. We are knowledgeable about cultural nuances and agile in all storytelling formats, both traditional and new. We believe wholeheartedly that storytelling is a powerful tool and vessel for fomenting change. And, we are committed to producing impactful work that builds bridges between communities and shares a real connection with our audience.

Our Core Values


Confrontation is hard. We believe effective confrontation is at the core of creativity and storytelling, and it is the basis for meaningful communication between you and your audience. We are here to celebrate confrontational ideas with an open mind. BCP believes it allows for authenticity, transparency and unequivocal dialogue to take place between you and your audience. It is a bringing together of ideas as opposed to an avoidance of conflict/differences. You can’t fear confrontation if you want growth and transformation, and we are here to guide you through internal and external confrontation, to help you rethink your brand as well as challenge people’s perception of you.


Our approach to a client’s goals is what makes us different — People are at the center of what we do and care about. As collaborators and strategic storytellers, we are fully aware that we are not all knowing. We are here to facilitate and guide you in telling your own story in a powerful way to build a strong connection with your audience. We are masters of our craft set out to help clients bring out their true potential and find their voice, but we cannot do it without their trust and passion in the process. Collaboration is key in everything we do because in working together we create the best outcome for you and your customers.


Change is a huge word. It is also the only thing that is constant. At Black Cub Productions we seek to always embrace and inspire change. We are constantly cultivating a space where people can experiment, grow and let their individuality flourish. The way we work and collaborate is highly adaptable and flexible. We believe that our craft and our willingness to be bold can inspire positive change in the industry by telling stories that challenge the status quo and allow people to feel real human connections. We aspire to be the change that we wish existed when BCP started. We want to inspire people and companies to be a part of the change that we’re creating.

Our vision & philosophy

Black Cub was created by two young African American men from Los Angeles who wanted to give a platform for underrepresented cultures, starting with their own. Our vision for this creative agency is to set the standard for digital transmedia content and create cross-cultural dynamic stories that bring people together. We will build a space that gives voice and perspective to diverse artists, and a platform for sharing and connecting diverse stories with the world at large.

Our mission

Our Black identity is the beacon of understanding for the foundation upon which we build everything. We strive to be a safe space that is built for people to be expressive through art and storytelling. We not only break creative barriers, but also support diverse artists in creative storytelling across commercials, films and in the overall media industry.


Our name

Black Cub Productions takes its name from the black revolution in America and shares DNA with many of the Black Panther Party’s ideologies. The core value of that party hinged on fostering an environment of community, fostering trust, and educating one another in order to create a society in which we may all live without fear: BCP was built upon and is both inspired and nourished by that foundation.


For Eric and Mylz, growing up African American in California was a shared experience marked by misrepresentation — and under-representation. Be it a lack of black history education in their school districts; a diminished sense of worth through repression of authentic expressions of black culture; or, worse, willful misrepresentation of black culture through typecasting of blacks as criminals and thugs; or many other systemic forms of oppression… These experiences fostered in Black Cub’s founders the notion that media has a powerful ability and unique responsibility to affirm and accurately reflect the rich, powerful, and meaningful culture of African Americans — as well as all under-represented cultures in America.


These experiences made it clear that all stories — and the way those stories are told — matter.


Our Team.

Eric Derachio jackson Jr
Mylz Blake
Ngozi Inyama