Invest In Canada

  • Global Lenses: Canada
    The Challenge

    In the last two years, Canada has emerged as an oasis in the global chaos reflected in US politics and Brexit turmoil. Canada has emerged as the epicenter of innovation and economic progressiveness. Canada has stood tall as an economic and social model for stability, openness and opportunity. However, many people believe Canada is not a hub of innovation and opportunity.

  • The Solution

    We helped to create a series that would counter the beliefs born out of stereotype, misperception and ignorance that Canada ISN’T a great place to invest capital. Prove that if a business leader wants to be successful and grow their business, the only logical choice is Canada. And showcase how more companies are discovering this oasis of opportunity—where their money is maximized, their risk reduced and the ease by which they can expand their company realized.

  • Provided

    Creative Strategy,Post-Production