National Gallery of ART

The challenge

The National Gallery of Art is a center for visual hearts located in Washington D.C. They have an exhibition within their gallery the features and focuses on Carrie Mae Weems response to The Shaw 54th Regiment Memorial, which included her untitled photography series that commemorate the Great Migration of African Americans streaming north from the Jim Crow South after the Civil War. They needed a production team to capture Carrie Mae Weems to fit into a video series that would be used for a digital representation embodying the work displayed by Carrie Mae Weems.

What We Did

Our production team coordinated with Carrie Mae Weems and her team to build out a production plan for capturing Carrie. This included creative direction around the location and setup, building the lighting plan, composing the shot, and working with Carrie Mae Weems and David Hammer from NGA to ensure we all had the look and feeling we were going for. We then ensured the large video files were shipped out to the NGA team to put Carrie Mae Weems piece into the full story.