City of Burlington – Juneteenth: A Love Story

The Challenge

The City of Burlington, Vermont celebrated Juneteenth in 2022 and looked to have a diverse production company come in to celebrate and capture the celebration. They wanted the final deliverable to not only capture the events that occurred over their 4-day celebration, but for it to be a love story to the residents.

What We Did

Our team put together a team capable of capturing 4 days work of content and traveled into Burlington, Vermont to make it happen. We developed creative boards based upon the events that were taking place in order to plan (as much as we could) how we would capture the celebration to ensure that it felt meaningful and intentional to the residents.


Our team of cinematographers, drone operators, audio engineers, and PAs worked across the City of Vermont to capture the events. From there we edited content that could be shared throughout Multimedia platforms to share the love that was felt during this celebration.


Live Event Production, Video Production, Editing, Creative Direction