Centerstate CEO – Click

The challenge

CenterState CEO wanted to reach small diverse businesses in the CNY area that they were not servicing. They created an affordable digital Experience Platform that seeks to provide an online digital experience for all members and customers/clients that is rich in helpful resources and information, and creates engagement opportunities for users, and creates networking opportunities through forums and discussion groups that enables a sense of community.


We needed to develop a brand and content that would attract new users and retain current members.

What We Did

We needed to create a brand that would be associated with CenterState but still be able to stand on its own. We needed to build a that people would be able to trust, connect to, and want to start a community in. We created the logo, color scheme, persona, position statement, and typefaces. 


We also had to create videos and designs to populate the knowledge/resource library to add value to small businesses. We produced ebooks, one-pagers, animated and how-to videos ranging from topics that covered from financial literacy to emotional intelligence to creating a winning proposal.


Brand Development, Design, Video Production, Editing

Logo Design

Digital Templates

Branded Collateral