#Behind the Woman

Behind the Woman

The challenge

Dr. Juhanna Rogers  was looking to create a brand and a space that would allow successful women to be able to share their trials, tribulations and  accomplishments to inspire other women to success.

The client asked us to create content that could divulge into 

space and create an audience of a multitude of powerful women.

What we did

We wanted to build a trusted brand that would resonate with a mixture of cultures, ethnicities, socioeconomic

statuses, and ages. We started off working on the brand, building based off of the logo; a color scheme, a persona,

and a position statement. 


We built a foundation for their brand to exist. For people to easily begin to gain information and trust through a

website design and development.


We created content that would showcase the personality of the Salt City Market, feeling comfortable and adventurous, energetic and light hearted all at the same time. We positioned Salt City Market as being an Explorer as

it’s Brand Archetype: finding fulfillment through discovery and pushing the boundaries


Brand Development 

Logo Creation 

Video Production 

Website Development 

Brand Collateral 

The results

For Behind the Woman 


Facebook: 3K organic View; 1000 followers; 20,000+ people reached 



People Reached


Organic Reach


Follow Change